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For Mitsubishi Fx1n Series Programmable Controller

Model number : FX1N-60MT-001
Product series : fX1N series
Rated voltage : AC100 ~ 240V
Allowable voltage range : AC85 ~ 264V...

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Product Description

Model number : FX1N-60MT-001

Product series : fX1N series

Rated voltage : AC100 ~ 240V

Allowable voltage range : AC85 ~ 264V


1.Q series PLC

2.A Series Melsec Mitsubishi PLC

3.FX2N series PLC

4.FX3U series PLC

The Mitsubishi FX1N-60MT-001 is a very powerful micro PLC that can be expanded to up to 128 I/O points and can add special function modules or expansion boards. The communication and data link options make the FX1N perfect for important applications such as volume, communication and special function modules.

Positioning and pulse output function

A PLC unit can output 2 points of 100KHz pulses at the same time. The PLC is equipped with 7 special positioning commands, including zero return, absolute position readout, absolute or relative drive and special pulse output control.

CPU Units

Expansion Units and Expansion I/O Units

Control method

Stored program

40 I/O points

20 I/O points

I/O control method

Cyclic scan refreshing

24 inputs

12 inputs

Program language

Ladder diagram

16 outputs

8 outputs


Approx. 500

2 inputs and 1 output

8 inputs and 8 outputs

Program capacity

10K/5K steps

K or J thermocouple inputs

Pt or JPt inputs

Ethernet Ports

Power Supply Units




100 to 240VAC

Data Rate

10/100Base T

Operating voltage range

85 to 264VAC


Modbus TCP

Power holding time

2 ms min.

CAN Port

Digital Outputs

Baud Rate

125K bps

Output Type



<500 meters

Operating Frequency

100 Hz


Custom protocol

On-state Current, Max


Analog Inputs

Pulse Inputs



Voltage Range

12V-24V DC

Input Range


Off-state Voltage


Input Type

Single ended

Typical Input Current

5mA 10VDC

Input Impedance


Input Frequency

10KHz with filters of

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